Monday, October 29, 2012

Essie vs ELF

I have a large nail polish collection that's full of drugstore polish as well as high end polish. I love when I find cheaper polishes that are similar to the more expensive ones like O.P.I and Essie. I don't have $10 to spend on a bottle of polish when I need to buy food and books for school. As a young blogger, I love when I come across blogs that show cheaper alternatives to the more expensive brands of beauty products. Anyways, while looking though my nail polishes, I noticed that I had two polishes that seemed to be very similar: Essie Mint Candy Apple and ELF Blue Mist. Obviously Essie is more high end than ELF, but I wanted to see how they stacked up to each other. Enjoy!

The bottle to the left is Essie Mint Candy Apple and to the right is ELF Blue Mist. Both colors look very similar while in the bottles. Both are very pretty minty blue/green colors. I don't have many blues in my collection, but this color obviously catches my eye. The ELF bottle has .35 fl oz of product while the Essie bottle has .46 fl oz of product. Essie runs at about $7.79 a bottle and ELF runs at $1.00 a bottle. While Essie gives you more product, ELF is significantly cheaper.

You can see that Essie is much more pigmented than ELF. Just on the first application, most of my nail is completely covered and there isn't much white showing through. The ELF, however, is still very see-through. I expected this though. I know from previous uses of ELF nail polish, multiple coats are needed to completely cover the nail. If you don't like an opaque color, you might like ELF.

                                                                                        The second photo to the left is after two coats of Essie and three and a half coats of ELF. I love the way Essie coats my nail. It is so opaque and looks so pretty! The ELF polish is actually quite comparable to the Essie polish. Even though it takes more coats, it still looks really nice. The Essie is more of a blueish color and the ELF is more of a green. Both are really pretty.

As far as chipping is concerned, Essie stays on my nails for a week or so without any chipping. ELF lasts a few days. I'm sure they would both last longer with a topcoat.

Would I chose Essie over ELF if I had the decision? Probably, but that doesn't mean that I won't continue to use ELF. ELF is a really great brand if you are trying to watch how much money you spend on beauty products. I hope that you guys try both of these brands, cause they both awesome!

You can find ELF and Essie at Target--online and in stores


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  1. Great comparison! I love elf products! But our Target doesn't carry their polishes :(

  2. Adorable blog girl!! Keep up the great work :)
    XOX Angela

  3. Awe thanks so much! The compliments are much appreciated :)

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