Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sexy Hair ;)

I got my hair colored and trimmed today. I love when they wash your hair.....ahh the scalp message. I could just fall asleep while the do that. It didn't help that I got my hair done at 8 am this morning. After my stylist finished trimming my hair and drying it, she moved on to the flat iron. I usually wear my hair straight, but I hate how frizzy my hair can get from the heat and  damage. Before she straightened my hair, my stylist used a product by Sexy Hair called Smooth and Protect. This is a thermal protecting spray that helps the straightening process, but it also helps to condition the hair and adds shine to your hair.  To visit the site and learn more about the product, just click on the picture. Now on to the review!

First Reaction: This stuff smells absolutely delicious! This was the first thing I said to my stylist when she applied the product to my hair.
Product Description: This is an aerosol spray, but it felt very light on my hair. The product is waterless, so if humidity is a concern of yours, worry no more. Because it is waterless, humidity won't be able to break the product down as easily. The product does have a smell to it. It is a very sweet, girly scent, but it isn't overwhelming. The spray doesn't give your hair that hairspray feeling. It leaves your hair extremely soft and flexible. A+
Duration: This product made my hair look great all day. It didn't seem to break down at all. It left my hair feeling soft all day long and it never felt greasy. A+
Final Thoughts: I bought this product at the salon because I loved it so much. I feel like this is going to be a must-have in my hair product collection. Love it!
Final Grade: A+


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